1:1 In Person Trajectory (live in Arnhem or Gorinchem)

My 1:1 in person trajectories


Sustainable change requires dedication and a step-by-step approach. That is why I mainly work with trajectories instead of single sessions. An in person trajectory consists of a number of sessions in which you are gently guided towards your goals, step by step. I bring my full professional toolbox to every session, adapting our in-session work to what is needed and most suitable in the moment. What I may bring and offer in a session includes:

  • Body-oriented coaching (somatic coaching) in which body connection and the wisdom of your body are central
  • Somatic Experiencing® and trauma work
  • Pelvic therapy (Holistic Pelvic Care® and Integral Pelvic Therapy®)
  • Bodywork on the treatment table or mat
  • Energy work
  • Breathwork
  • Meditation & visualization
  • Lymph stimulation
  • Exercises based on Gestalt, systemic work or haptonomy
  • Working with your inner ‘parts’
  • Exercises from Taoism or Tantra

During the intake we will already discuss what the focal points may be for your specific process, and we will check in regularly to ensure that we are in full alignment during our work together.

What’s included?


Each in person trajectory consists of a number of sessions of approximately 1.5 hours that take place in my practice spaces in Arnhem or Gorinchem, or take place online via Zoom. In sessions with bodywork we will sometimes even extend to 2 hours. This way there is room to really go into depth, with the spaciousness and dedication that you deserve.

You will receive personalized assignments after each session, through which you can continue working towards your goal(s). Examples of homework can be: physical exercises for your body, guided audio exercises (meditation, visualization, pleasure practices), reflection questions (journaling), reading suggestions, etc.

If necessary, I offer support via Whatsapp or Voxer where you can ask your urgent questions or ask my advice on situations related to our work. During office hours I will answer your questions through concise audio messages.

For every month that you work with me, you can also request 1 additional support call of 20 minutes per month. This conversation also takes place via Whatsapp.

This way, I support you not only to achieve breakthroughs or gain transformative insights during our sessions, but also to continue growing between them. This helps you to really implement and integrate what you learn in your daily life.

Notes on rates & reimbursements

  • If you purchase any of these packages as a private individual, then all prices quoted include VAT. If you purchase them as a business, then the stated prices are exclusive of VAT.
  • These rates are not reimbursed by health insurers. Some employers do reimburse treatments under an employee wellness or vitality budget. You can discuss this with your employer.
  • People with a minimum income who cannot afford my rates can contact me for a different arrangement. I offer a limited number of places per year with an adjusted rate. At the moment, these spots are full, but you can request to be placed on the waiting list.