Sexuality & intimacy

A great sex life often doesn’t come naturally

Sexuality & intimacy challenges

Sex is all around us. That is why we mistakenly think that sexuality and intimacy should come naturally. In reality, an awful lot of men and women struggle with it. Usually in silence, because there is a big taboo on the topic.

Maybe you’re fed up because sex always feels like a chore, something you “must” offer your partner but which you rarely look forward to. Or you find that during sex you’re most busy with the shopping list or that massive deadline at work. Perhaps you experience little pleasure in your sexuality, but there is always this nagging feeling that you are missing out.

Maybe you experience so much pressure to do it ‘right’ that you shut down and don’t start at all. And yet you feel a deep desire to learn how to connect to your sensuality, your zest for life and your passion. Even after years of drought.

Perhaps you also wonder...


How to make it fun and keep it fun in bed, even when the early-days love hormones are long gone


How you can have a great sex life even if you and your partner differ in libido


How to experience better orgasms with yourself or a lover


How to feel completely free between the sheets


How to become the very best lover, for yourself and for a partner


How to create deep intimacy in your sex life and relationship(s)


How your sexuality can fuel your zest for life and be a source of life energy itself


How to ever even desire sex again after trauma or significant adverse life events  

You know it's time to finally deal with this. For yourself, for your relationship or both. Intimacy coaching helps.

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What my clients seek help with

Geen zin in seks intimiteitscoaching seksualiteit Elisabeth Dana online Arnhem

(Self)love & intimacy

Geen zin in seks intimiteitscoaching seksualiteit Elisabeth Dana online Arnhem

Low sexual desire or low libido

Trauma seks na trauma seksualiteit Elisabeth Dana coaching Somatic Experiencing online Arnhem

Sexuality after trauma

Problems with orgasm

Erectieproblemen seksualiteit bekkentherapie Elisabeth Dana online Arnhem

Erectile dysfunction

Do you still believe that if only your partner changes, everything will get better on its own? Then let me be crystal clear: better sex always starts with you.


That’s why I help you to become your own best lover first. This pays off immediately in your relationship(s).

How I can help you

I have been trained by titans and have gone through years of personal development in this field. You have come to the right place to explore and transform your sexuality and intimacy.

Based on your desires, I offer you a tailor-made trajectory that propells you forward. For men and women there is 1:1 online intimacy coaching. And for women there is the option to also learn to work with a yoni egg.

Every session I will guide you through a unique process aimed at achieving your goals. I’ll help you deepen the relationship to your body and your body-mind, and support you to awaken your sensuality and your authentic sexuality. We work with highly practical and powerful tools and exercises from holistic sexuality, tantra, Somatic Experiencing, voice dialogue and parts work – in fact, my entire toolbox is at your disposal!

My tools and processes help you to go deep in tackling underlying blockages and limiting beliefs. And my practical suggestions and exercises between sessions will help anchor your transformation in your daily life.

My clients are living proof that a boring/bled-out/non-existent sex life can be turned into a fulfilling sexuality full of energy and play!

This is how I can support you:


1:1 coaching trajectory (men & women)  


1:1 yoni egg trajectory (women only)


Retreats & workshops

Ways to work with me

1:1 online coaching trajectory
-for men and women-


In this trajectory I will guide you towards the sexuality and intimacy goals you desire. Working together online, I will guide you session after session through a unique breakthrough process aimed at helping you achieve your goals. Through our work together you will be able to build a new relationship with your body and your sensuality, learn to tackle underlying blockages and limiting beliefs, enabling you to step into who you truly desire to be as a sexual being. We use powerful and practical tools and techniques from holistic sexuality, tantra, Somatic Experiencing, voice dialogue and parts work.

1:1 online yoni egg trajectory
– women only –

An online yoni egg trajectory combines the beautiful processes and tools of the intimacy coaching trajectory with learning to work with a yoni egg. A super effective combination to work on a better sex life, for yourself and when in a relationship. The yoni egg is a particularly powerful tool for women looking to spark their libido. The yoni egg helps to cultivate more sensitivity in your vagina (which is why this trajectory is only suitable for women / people with a vagina). With consistent and correct use, “not in the mood” becomes a thing of the past. You’ll gain a whole new relationship with your pelvis, vagina and sexual energy!

Elisabeth Dana seksualiteit intimiteitscoaching online Arnhem

What can you achieve with intimacy coaching?  


Finally turn the tide in your sexless relationship(s)


More intimacy, love and playfulness in relationship with yourself and with others


More fun in bed without shame, guilt or grinding thoughts getting in the way


Getting out of your head and into your body, finally connected to your vitality and your sensuality


Experience more, different or better orgasms, with yourself and with a partner


More confidence to express boundaries and desires so that you finally get what you want


Your very own version of sexual fulfillment!

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FAQ 1:1 online intimacy coaching trajectories 

What's the difference between the two trajectories?

The 1:1 online intimacy coaching trajectory is suitable for both men and women. The yoni egg trajectory is only suitable for women or people with a vagina.

Why should i work with you as my intimacy coach?

I work as one of few at the powerful intersection of intimacy, sexuality, trauma and pelvic health, doing so all from a body-oriented (somatic) starting point. That combination is unique. It allows me to go really deep with my clients, and I can approach their problems and obstacles from all kinds of routes.

This is especially valuable because problems in intimacy and sexuality are  more often than not rooted in trauma and/or physical problems in the pelvis. In both cases I can probably help you. And if not, because of my multidisciplinary background I have a strong network of professionals to whom I can refer you (depending on where you are in the world, of course).

How should i prepare for aN ONLINE coaching session?

There are only a few practical things that you really need to get into place: (1) a solid and stable internet connection, (2) having Zoom installed and your audio/video settings checked, and (3) privacy! You need to feel free to speak and share without holding back about what is going on inside of you, and for most people it is simply not helpful if they feel there’s a partner, housemate or kid nearby that’s potentially eavesdropping or can walk in at any moment. So always strive to create a space and time for our sessions that allows you to go all in without disturbances.

Do I have to do a lot of work between sessions?

That depends on you entirely! Exercises and homework which we co-design or which I suggest will help solidify your process in between sessions. I may invite you slightly out of your comfort zone, but will make sure to never overwhelm you because that is simply not helpful.  I am a huge fan of the ‘tiny habit philosophy’  and strongly believe that repeating a short practice regularly is more ‘productive’ than doing a huge, daylong thing only once.   

what if i my mental health is currently unstable, or if i have experienced a lot of trauma in my life?

If you find yourself currently in a very challenging state concerning your mental health, I strongly recommend you find professional counseling for that first and foremost.  You deserve specialist support for your specific situation, e.g. with a psychologist or counselor trained to help you stabilize. After that, I am here to help you move from ‘stable’ to ‘thriving’. This means we can start our work together once you feel stable and curious again, and desiring more than stability.

Regarding past trauma, of course you can do trauma healing work with me as well. But in case you have never worked on your traumatic experiences (e.g. through therapy), I strongly recommend you seek a good psychologist first and foremost and come back to me at a later time.

i have no idea how to connect to my body . should i still work with you?

Honestly, the majority of us humans have trouble connecting to our bodies, because our cultures and societies are often so focused on the brain! Even in most regular mental health and coaching modalities, the focus is on some sort of ‘talk therapy’ that taps mostly into our rational thinking brain and leaves our body out of the picture. So in short, don’t worry if you have no idea how to get there just yet: it turns out you’re a perfectly normal human being!

It is my art and pleasure to help you learn to connect to your body and bodymind. You can trust that with practice, you will get there too. What you will need is an open mind,  curiosity and compassion for yourself as you learn a whole new life skill through my guidance. Once you know how to connect to your body and its innate wisdom, you won’t want to go back! To help you get started, you can always have a go at my free resources.    

in what languages do you offer sessions?

I offer sessions in English and in Dutch.

Hear it from my clients 

“I have been together with my partner for 25 years. The moment there would be an opportunity (in our busy lives) for intimacy or sex, I’d go straight into my head, getting bogged down in excuses and explanations on why not to do it, and I wouldn’t allow myself any peace and pleasure. My desire for coaching was to experience carefree enjoyment with my whole head and heart.

I met Elisabeth through someone I know. What a relief. What a wonderful energy this sweet woman has. With her you really feel heard and seen. Her approach is kind, positive and practical. Through meditation and practical exercises she taught me to bring my head and heart together more, and how I can express my needs and wishes.

Our intimate life has become a lot more enjoyable and much more light-hearted as a result. I no longer feel pressure or guilt, I am much more open to discussing intimacy and sex with my partner and I am able to indicate my boundaries and wishes more clearly. As a result, there is more mutual understanding and we feel much more connected. Thank you dear Elisabeth for your time, your listening ear and good advice.”

– J., 49.