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Pelvic complaints. You’re not alone, even if it often feels like it.  

Pelvic pain and other pelvic problems

Pelvic pain and other pelvic complaints are very common. An estimated 10-20% of women suffer from pelvic problems. And although it is often thought that only women suffer from pelvic complaints, it is also a very common issue for men. Examples are different types of pelvic pain, elimination problems (e.g. incontinence, constipation) and sexual problems.

Problems in the pelvis are often accompanied by pelvic pain in varying degrees. Pain in the lower abdomen, pain in pelvic organs or the pelvic floor, and so on. But also numbness and a lack of connection and sensation in the pelvis are very common. Whatever the complaints are, most women and men suffer from their pelvic challenges in silence. Because of the taboo on many pelvic problems, this often comes with a feeling of loneliness.

The pelvis is a common place to subconsciously store pain, trauma, and emotions. And pelvic problems are often much more than just a physical challenge. Pelvic pain and other forms of pelvic imbalance can interfere with your enjoyment of life in many ways. Whether you are a woman or a man with pelvic complaints: your sexuality, physical activity, relationships and often also your physical and mental health are likely to suffer to some extent.

What are common pelvic complaints?


Chronic pelvic pain for which no medical explanation has been found


Pain, tenderness or numbness during intercourse


No connection with the pelvis


Pain in the vulva, vagina, penis or testicles


Pelvic floor tension (hypertonia) and pain


Decreased muscle tone in the pelvic floor (hypotonia)


Heavy menstrual pain, severe PMS and endometriosis


Unexplained bladder pain and bladder spasms


Incontinence and other urinary problems  


Prostate issues


Changes or challenges during and after menopause


Prolapse of pelvic organs


Scar tissue from labor or medical procedures


Sexual or medical trauma in the pelvic region


Sexual problems, from vaginismus to erectile dysfunction

The pelvis is a power center in your body, both physically and energetically. Because of pelvic pain, disconnection or other problems in the pelvic area, no wonder you feel “off center”.


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Pelvic complaints that my clients seek help with

Erectieproblemen seksualiteit bekkentherapie online Arnhem Elisabeth Dana

From numbness to connection

Bekkenpijn bekkenbodem bekkenzorg Integral Pelvic Therapy Elisabeth Dana Arnhem

Unexplained pelvic pain

Bekkenpijn Trauma Elisabeth Dana somatic experiencing Integral Pelvic Therapy Arnhem

Trauma in the pelvic region

Pijn bij het vrijen bekkenpijn dyspareunie vulvodynia Elisabeth Dana Integral Pelvic Therapy Arnhem

Pain during sex

PMS menstruatie menstruatieklachten bekkenpijn Integral Pelvic Therapy Elisabeth Dana Arnhem

Feeling ungrounded & powerless

PMS menstruatie menstruatieklachten bekkenpijn Integral Pelvic Therapy Elisabeth Dana Arnhem

Bladder issues & incontinence

Erectieproblemen seksualiteit bekkentherapie online Arnhem Elisabeth Dana

Erection and ejaculation issues

PMS menstruatie menstruatieklachten bekkenpijn Integral Pelvic Therapy Elisabeth Dana Arnhem

PMS & period pains

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How I can help with pelvic pain or other pelvic complaints

In regular pelvic care, your options are often limited and – given the experiences of my clients – not always sufficient. Many women and men therefore continue to walk around with pelvic pain and other pelvic complaints, sometimes for decades.

Pelvic problems are often approached from a strictly medical or strictly sexological perspective, with little regard for trauma or emotional stress that may be stored in the pelvic area. Medical interventions in the pelvic area themselves are often experienced as unpleasant or traumatic, even though they are (of course) intended  to help.

In my practice I fill this gap, offering  a holistic approach to pelvic therapy and pelvic massage.

I offer Integral Pelvic Therapy, a complementary therapy that provides a holistic approach to pelvic health. By working towards fascia release in the abdominal region, the respiratory diaphragm and of course the pelvis itself, very old tension patterns and complaints can often be reduced or resolved. My approach is caring, full of calmness and precision, with which I help my clients to feel and experience what is really going on in their pelvis.

The pelvic massage I offer is different – it is not strictly therapeutic, but it is a very relaxing way to reconnect with the pelvis. For women, a pelvic massage is sometimes a good starting point before starting a pelvic therapy trajectory.

Bekkenklachten bekkenpijn bekkenbodem bekkenzorg bekkeninstabiliteit Integral Pelvic Therapy Elisabeth Dana Arnhem

This is how I can support you


Integral Pelvic Therapy


Pelvic massage



Pelvic therapy & pelvic massage  

Pelvic therapy
-for women and men-

Integral Pelvic Therapy (IPT) is a complementary therapy that offers a holistic approach to pelvic wellness. In this form of pelvic therapy, external and internal fascia release techniques are used to restore balance in the pelvis. In addition to the pelvis, we will work a lot on the abdomen and the diaphragm to reduce tension there. 

IPT works on different layers: it focuses on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic layers that underlie (chronic) pelvic pain or other pelvic complaints. Where necessary, I also apply principles and techniques from Somatic Experiencing that can help to process underlying trauma.


Pelvic massage
– for women –

The pelvic massage is a dynamic massage that helps to loosen up your body and relax your pelvic region. We work on a mat on the floor and you keep your clothes on. With stretches, deep massage, acupressure and also energetic touch, I help you to become fully present in your body and pelvis step by step.

This massage is based on techniques from Thai yoga massage. It brings deep relaxation, more space in your body, and more energy in your pelvis.

For some women, the pelvic massage is a beautiful starting point to get started in a pelvic therapy trajectory.

Bekkenpijn  bekkenbodem bekkenzorg  bekkeninstabiliteit Integral Pelvic Therapy Elisabeth Dana Arnhem

What can you expect from this approach to pelvic complaints? 

For women, the pelvic massage is a wonderful introduction to pelvic work. It brings you connection to your body, deep relaxation, and more energy in your pelvis.

Integral Pelvic Therapy is for men and women, and with IPT you will embark on an in-depth journey to reduce or eliminate pelvic complaints. A treatment lasts 2 hours, so you can unwind, relax and land in your body in peace. You’ll have no more rushed medical appointments where your body is bracing because everything “has to happen” within 15-30 minutes!

My clients report significantly reduced and improved complaints after an IPT trajectory, or even the complete absence of the symptoms they came with.

I also hear time and again that they feel much more grounded, and much more connected to their body. Other nice side effects that are often mentioned are the feeling of more vitality, more energy and deep relaxation (often for the first time in ages).

Because we practice extensively with embodied consent (your boundaries, your ‘yes’, your ‘no’ and your ‘maybe’) in IPT sessions, clients also indicate that they are more easily aware of and can communicate their boundaries in their daily lives.

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Hear it from my clients

After 6 sessions with Elisabeth, I no longer need to be worried about making it to the toilet on time. I have a sense of freedom now that I haven’t felt in years. My bladder cramps and pain are completely gone. I also feel a whole new connection to my body and my pelvis. I still can’t believe it after all the years I have suffered, and I want everyone to know that this exists.

– B.D, 53, Netherlands.

Hear it from my clients

“I have experienced very pleasant IPT sessions with Elisabeth. Elisabeth is a kind, calm, lovely woman who quickly made me feel at ease. I came to her because I had trouble feeling my boundaries and with feeling things in general.  

What happened in our sessions was really beautiful. We did several exercises where I was allowed to explore and express my boundaries and for the first time, I could actually feel them in myself. Sometimes I felt very subtle things in my body, but I noticed them, and that’s how safe I felt.

This has also helped me a lot in my daily life. Knowing that I do feel things, but that sometimes I should just listen better to the small signals. Also asking for and receiving space is something I have been working on in and after the IPT sessions. Are you thinking about IPT, don’t hesitate and book time for yourself with Elisabeth!”

– Myon, 30, Gelderland