Hi! I’m Elisabeth

I’m one of the happiest persons I know. Hands down. And it was quite a journey to get there.

I took a long road with almost 2 decades of personal development work and courses, result of my never ending curiosity and the desire to make sense of a trauma-hit family situation. More often than not, after a peak high at a course, I’d soon fall back into old habits. I’d meditate in silence for 10 days in a row and then judge myself for not integrating the practice into my life.

Meanwhile I was living and traveling across the globe, and building out a successful corporate career, and truth be told, I enjoyed every single step of the way. I was also totally clueless about the deep subconscious mechanisms behind my lack of self care and the numbness and deep sadness or loneliness that would periodically overshadow me. My romantic relationships tended to end in poetic/dramatic break-ups, and I never understood why.

Elisabeth Dana PTSS trauma bekkenpijn seksualiteit therapie coaching Arnhem online
Elisabeth Dana trauma bekkenpijn seksualiteit PTSS therapie coaching online Arnhem

Two significant life events finally turned things around. First I ‘escaped’ a dysfunctional long relationship with someone who convinced me that pretty much everything about my sexuality was problematic. I had grown to believe that me and my body were a lost cause and I felt broken beyond repair. The second one was my brother passing away by suicide, spiraling my family once more into a dark crisis.

Talk therapy wasn’t gonna cut it. I could talk about everything with my close friends, but I experienced that talking has serious limits – it was a mental exercise to process and to make rational sense of what had happened. Until then, I was really denying the pain and grief and fear locked deeply inside of my system.

My mind was ‘OK’ with things because it ‘understood’ things rationally, but the rest of my body clearly wasn’t om board. It took somatic counselling and bodywork to let my broken soul express itself, and for me to finally crawl back up from the most painful depths of my grief.

Coming home to myself through the body changed everything.


I finally understood and knew inside of my own cells that the body, not our mind, is the true gateway to our sense of wholeness, aliveness and fulfillment as a human being.

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Through bodywork, somatic therapy and my many studies in conscious sexuality and pelvic therapy, I managed to build a whole new relationship with my body, my pelvis, my pleasure and the trauma history in which I grew up.

Coming home to myself through the body changed everything. I am now actually one of the happiest persons I’ve ever met.

As the intense lover of life that I am, I’m convinced that we’re here on this planet to experience this magical ride with all of our senses, all of our emotions and through all of the relationships that we forge. I’ve grown into an avid admirer of the full rainbow, of all of its colors and the dark skies that are a needed for that rainbow to appear.

And I knew there was nothing that I wanted more than to share this with the world.. the mind blowing, jaw dropping work of diving deep into the bodymind to let our deepest passions and truths resurface. So I decided to get intense professional training to make that possible.

As a body-centered coach and therapeutic practitioner, I now bring together ancient teachings and modern science to the benefit of humans in the 21st century. Combining tools that work at physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels so that layers can be peeled off until reaching the core. Empowering humans just like me to embrace their power, their pleasure, their radiance!

I love to guide people to what is really going on inside them by connecting to the body, with calmness, with gentle focus, with lots of compassion. To help them discover who and what they are beyond their infinite stream of thoughts. To guide them to fully experience and embrace their strength, their pleasure and their aliveness. It doesn’t get any better than that =)

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My qualifcations  

My work is largely informed by the following professional trainings and programs: 


Trauma therapy  

Somatic Experiencing® is a world renowned method for healing trauma, PTSD and chronic stress, founded by Dr. Peter A. Levine.  I graduate from the 3-year program at the Belgian branch of the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute in 2023. Somatic Experiencing is fused into all of my work, including the trauma sensitive body work I offer.

Pelvic Therapy   

I studied Integral Pelvic Therapy, a complementary health care technique that offers a holistic approach to pelvic health. It combines medical, physical, psychological, somatic and energetic factors involved in restoring pelvic balance. In addition I am currently studying Holistic Pelvic Care, founded by Tami Lynn Kent. 

Sex & intimacy coaching  

I graduated from an intensive 2-year training  in sexuality & intimacy coaching from the US-based Institute for Integrated Sexuality, founded by Layla Martin. I studied both women’s and men’s holistic sexuality, and in this same institute I also got trained and certified as a Yoni Egg facilitator. 

Breathwork Facilitator 

After taking various breathwork trainings for myself, a.o. with Max Strom and Michaël Bijker, I took a Breathwork Facilitator Course at the Life Awareness Project (Yogalap) founded by Michaël Bijker. As a very direct and effective tool to influence our state of mind and body, I weave different techniques of breathwork in all of my work with clients.

Supervision, intervision & permanent education

I’m part of three professional supervision and intervision groups, where I collaborate with esteemed colleagues to ensure that my clients get the best possible service from me.  I continuously educate myself further within my fields of expertise and interests and regularly join multidisciplinary consultations. Feel free to ask me about this! 

And furthermore

I am about to gain my HBO-level diplomas in Foundations of Western Medicine and Psychology. I’m a Reiki master, diver and beekeeper. I have a BSc, MSc and a post master degree in International Development. I also enjoy spending some time every week in this truly fascinating field as a consultant. Because I can be all of it. Heart & head. Intuitive & intellectual. Yin & yang.