Intimacy coaching




Do you desire TO..


Bring more intimacy, love and play into your relationship with yourself and with others


Finally turn the tide in your sexless relationship(s)..


Own your pleasure without shame, guilt or never-ending thoughts holding youback..


Experience more pleasure, orgasm and better sex...


To reconnect with your aliveness, joy & radiance...


Learn to set boundaries & communicate desires so you can get what you want...


Learn to find pleasure and intimacy again after negative or traumatic sexual experiences..


Move towards sexual thriving, whatever that means to you!

You’re not alone! Intimacy coaching can help. 

Romance and sex are all around us, we are being bombarded with images and messages about it all day every day. And so we think that means that we should “just know” how all of this works: 

  • How to make it fun in bed, and keep it that way also after the first hormonal months with a new lover…  
  • How to create true and deep intimacy in your (sex)life and relationship(s)…  
  • How to experience amazing orgasms with yourself and with a lover..  
  • How to even enjoy sex if you are insecure about approximately 100 things at once…
  • How to even desire or enjoy sex if you are recovering from trauma or really harsh life events…  

So.. no, most of us really don’t “just know”. In fact, many people struggle greatly with intimacy and sex.  

You can’t even imagine how often people google for help and advice on “low libido” “too high libido”, “how to orgasm”, or “erection problems”. Thousands and thousands of times each month, even just in my tiny country! We bring our questions to Google, because well… where else?  

Across the globe, sex ed is basically a sad state of affairs that doesn’t move beyond “don’t get STDs and don’t get pregnant too early”. Our parents (with a few nice exceptions here and there) hardly teach us anything in addition, partly because it’s embarrassing or shameful, and also largely because they have no clue themselves. And then we have our friends, some of whom we may talk to, and where do they get their inspiration? Yes…largely from porn… As if that gives you any realistic idea at all. So if you have questions about how the h*** you can bring more intimacy and sexual pleasure into your life, believe me, you are not alone in your desire. 

After years of personal development and education in holistic sexuality and neo-tantra, I can tell you: you’ve come to the right place to explore your desires in intimacy, (self)love, sexuality and relationships.

Your desire is the portal.
Your body holds the key.

Desires are the fuel for everything we create in life. They are a compass to the full, joyful, pleasure-filled self-expression that every human longs for!

What’s in the way of getting what we desire is often hidden from our direct consciousness. Sure, we all have a history and stories about why we aren’t getting what we want.

But the deep truths about what is really holding us back live not in our heads, but inside of our body and the bodymind.

You probably know what it’s like to have a perfectly rational explanation for things, and plans for how to change things, and yet you keep repeating the same (undesired) patterns over and over again…. 

That is the infamous result of engrained limiting beliefs, conditioning that you’re not even aware of, adverse past experiences and even trauma that is stored inside the body.

Your body wants you to look at the things that are being ignored.

You can fully trust that the body also knows the secrets
and the steps to achieving what you most desire.

That’s why my coaching approach revolves around the magic of the body and the bodymind. I support you with tools that will help you start working with yourself rather than against yourself, enabling you to rise and start building your (sex)life 2.0.

I get my clients results through holistic body-oriented coaching, making use of transformative tools and processes that address the physical, conscious and subconscious levels.

I draw from:

  • deep body/mind connection practices rooted in modern neurobiology
  • ancient tantric and Taoist teachings and contemporary conscious sexuality approaches
  • holistic healing tools including meditation and breathwork

  • Inner child work, voice dialogue and aspecting work, to go as deep as needed.   


Our 1-hour coaching sessions    

The basis of our work together are our coaching sessions focused on your desires in the areas of (self)love, intimacy, sexuality, relationships and personal empowerment. Each session, I guide you through a tailored process to help you take crucial steps towards reaching your desires. A full hour allows us to really sink in while honoring the capacity of your nervous system for our deeply transformative work.

You can work with me face to face in Wageningen, the Netherlands, or anywhere around the globe through online coaching. In the case of online coaching, you attend the sessions from the privacy and tranquility of your own location. Because we often work on very vulnerable topics in intimacy coaching, I’ve noticed many of my clients are really fond of the online option.  

From the obstacles towards your goals

We start with identifying your desires, your wishes and goals for our work together. What is it that you truly want to get from our work? What do you really desire to manifest in your (sex)life after we’ done?  

We then move towards creating a nourishing relationship with all of your body and with your sensuality. This is a crucial step: without it, you can buy all the toys and try all the tools, but things won’t change for the long term. 

We’ll also identify which obstacles have been in the way of you reaching your goals so far. Some of these may be known to you already, but it’s very likely that in the process your bodymind shows new insights that you weren’t aware of before. That’s totally normal,  and we can work with that, too! 

In the mean time, I support you with powerful holistic sexuality tools and exercises, through which you continue to grow step by step in the direction you desire. And while I don’t work with couples, I can also help you with advice and tools that you can apply in your relationship(s). But of course in our process, our work revolves around you first and foremost!  

Between sessions support, tools & exercises

Often after a session I will send you a homework assignment which will help deepen and consolidate your process. These can include guided meditations, body work, pleasure practices, reflection or journaling work, and so on. If you have any questions or emergencies in between our sessions, you can reach out to me via voice messaging.

INTIMACY coaching FAQ's

Why should i work with you as my intimacy coach?

I work as one of few at the powerful intersection of intimacy, sexuality, trauma and pelvic health, doing so all from a body-oriented (somatic) starting point. That combination is quite unique, if I do say so myself. It allows me to go really deep with my clients, and I can approach their problems and obstacles from all kinds of routes.

This is especially valuable because problems in intimacy and sexuality are  more often than not based on trauma and/or physical problems in the pelvis. In both cases I can probably help you. And if not, because of my multidisciplinary background I have a strong network of professionals to whom I can refer you (depending on where you are in the world, of course).

How should i prepare for aN ONLINE coaching session?

There are only a few practical things that you really need to get into place. First, it’s important you have a solid and stable internet connection. Second, we work via Zoom for our 1:1 sessions, so if you don’t have that installed yet, make sure to do so. I can help you find a tutorial if you are totally new to Zoom. It’s easy to use, but before our first session you may want to take a few minutes to check your audio/video settings and so on. Third, privacy is key! You need to feel free to speak and share without holding back about what is going on inside of you, and for most people it is simply not helpful if they feel there’s a partner, housemate or kid nearby that’s potentially eavesdropping or can walk in at any moment. So always strive to create a space and time for our sessions that allows you to go all in without disturbances.

Do I have to do a lot of work between sessions?

That depends on you entirely! Exercises and homework which we co-design or which I suggest will help solidify your process in between sessions. I may invite you slightly out of your comfort zone, but will make sure to never overwhelm you because that is simply not helpful.  I am a huge fan of the ‘tiny habit philosophy’  and strongly believe that repeating a short practice regularly is more ‘productive’ than doing a huge, daylong thing only once. At the end of each session, we will discuss what is doable and nourishing for you.

what if i my mental health is currently unstable, or if i have experienced a lot of trauma in my life?

If you find yourself currently in a very challenging state concerning your mental health, I strongly recommend you find professional counseling for that first and foremost.  You deserve specialist support for your specific situation, e.g. with a psychologist or counselor trained to help you stabilize. After that, I am here to help women and men move from ‘stable’ to ‘thriving’. This means we can start our work together once you feel stable and curious again, and desiring more than stability.

Regarding past trauma, of course you can do trauma healing work with me as well. But in case you have never worked on your traumatic experiences (e.g. through therapy), I strongly recommend you seek a good psychologist first and foremost and come back to me at a later time.

i have no idea how to connect to my body or this 'bodymind' thing you are talking about. should i still work with you?

Honestly, the majority of us humans have trouble connecting to our bodies, because our cultures and societies are often so focused on the brain! Even in most regular mental health and coaching modalities, the focus is on some sort of ‘talk therapy’ that taps mostly into our rational thinking brain and leaves our body out of the picture. So in short, don’t worry if you have no idea how to get there just yet: it turns out you’re a perfectly normal human being! It is my art and pleasure to help you learn to connect to your body and bodymind. You can trust that with practice, you will get there too. What you will need is an open mind,  curiosity and compassion for yourself as you learn a whole new life skill through my guidance. And trust me, once you know how to connect to your body and its innate wisdom, you won’t want to go back! To help you get started already with some basic exercises to help you get in touch with your body, you can always have a go at my free resources.    

in what languages do you offer sessions?

I offer sessions in English and in Dutch.

And I am actually looking to expand into Spanish as well! I speak Spanish very well thanks to 6+ years of living in Latin America and Spain, but I haven’t had the chance yet to work with Spanish speaking clients. So, let me take advantage of this moment and announce: if you are a Spanish speaker who also speaks English, and you would like to help me out with practicing in Spanish (with the option to fall back to English occasionally if needed) I will offer you a nicely reduced package rate. I love a good win-win scenario! Drop me a note if you’re interested, gracias!


Being coached by Elisabeth is such a gift. I worked with her for several months and we touched upon different and very vulnerable topics. And I wouldn‘t have wanted to do that with anyone else! I felt so safe and seen in every moment and just so deeply held in our container. Her intuition is on point and her space holding just magical..

You can really feel that not only her knowledge is deeply profound, but also that she totally walks the talk and embodies it completely. This makes her coaching just next level.

– Rebecca, The Netherlands  

“Elisabeth is a very open-hearted person and even managed to create a safe space for me online where I could share my intimate thoughts and feelings. She helped me to sort out my feelings, to reflect on society’s narratives, and to show me the way to a more fulfilling sexuality. It is worth taking the plunge and working with Elisabeth.” 

– Sophie T., student, Germany.