Coaching sessions and Somatic Experiencing sessions last approximately 60 minutes – sometimes it may be a little longer, sometimes a little shorter. This depends on the topic at hand, the process we are in and the state of your nervous system.

For people who have no experience with somatic work, we generally start with a trajectory of 5 sessions. 

5 sessions

5 sessions within a time frame of 2 months

2-3 sessions a month

2 months of in-between session support

€ 550,-

10 sessions

10 sessions within a time frame of 4 months

2-3 sessions a month

4 months of in-between session support

€ 1000,-

single session

For clients who have already worked with me through a package, I also offer the option to book single sessions

€ 115,-

 People on a minimum income who cannot afford my rates, may contact me for another arrangement. For those who really need it and are highly committed, I offer 4 places per year with a discount. For 2022 these are all taken.  

Integral pelvic therapy    

After our (free) introduction call, we will follow up with a (mandatory) intake of 1 hour. During this intake, we will carve out the history of your pelvic issues in detail, as well as your desires. The intake session will be discounted when you purchase a package after this.

We will always start with a pack of 3 treatments, to ensure that you can really benefit from the IPT approach. Afterwards, we can either continue with a new package or through single sessions. Each Integral Pelvic Therapy session takes between 1,5 and 2 hours, and is paid in advance.

1-hour intake   session

€ 75,-

Single treatment (2 hours, intake required FIRST)

€ 220,-

pack of 3 treatments (intake required First)

€ 600,-


Just send me a whatsapp message on +316 44 538 202 or drop me a note via this contact form. I will respond to you soonest.  Make sure to check your spam folder so you don’t miss my message!

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