YOUR body is THE portal to YOUR Power, Intimacy & pleasure


As a somatic coach and therapeutic practitioner, I help women and men find power, intimacy and pleasure in their own bodies.


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I work at the powerful intersection of trauma, intimacy, sexuality and pelvic health. The common thread in my work is embodiment: the process of returning to your body, to connect with its wisdom, to feel what must be felt, to befriend it as the source of your most powerful life force. Connecting to the body -whether through pelvic therapy, somatic trauma therapy or intimacy coaching- will mean you embark on a beautiful journey towards embracing life at its fullest.

Pelvic therapy

The pelvis is one of the main power houses of the human body. It’s often neglected and a place of pain or discomfort for many. Integral Pelvic Therapy® helps restore balance and is effective for various types of pelvic pain and other long-term complaints in and around the pelvic girdle.

Somatic trauma healing

Somatic Experiencing® or SE is a world renowned therapeutic modality for healing trauma, post traumatic stress and chronic stress. Its gentle and deep approach brings profound nervous system regulation to people who feel overwhelmed by the symptoms of trauma and PTSS.  

Intimacy coaching

Intimacy coaching is about taking massive strides towards your goals and desires in (self)love, sexuality and relationships. It helps you cultivate your self-love and sensuality, brings a toolbox for deep intimacy and teaches you how to experience way more pleasure with yourself and lover(s).



I am passionate about human bodies, their capacity to heal from harsh experiences and trauma and their capacity to bring us joy, pleasure and a sense of personal power.

Having a human body is a unique gift, and supporting others to learn to fully live in the body is my life’s mission.

I work with clients across the globe, either long-distance via Zoom or face to face in Arnhem, The Netherlands, weaving together my expertise in trauma healing, somatic coaching, breathwork, sexuality and pelvic health.

My clients’ desires are as varied as the bodies they live in: from healing specific traumatic events to taking strides towards self-realization through somatic support, and from building better relations with their inner child to finding their unique version of sexual empowerment.

I offer e-therapy, e-coaching as well as in-person sessions, the latter with or without hands-on bodywork.



✓ Breaking through long-held patterns that hold you back so you can start living more fully and authentically

Taking bold new steps on your path of self-realization, this time not with your head, but by tapping into the wisdom of your body…

✓ Creating better intimate relationships, with yourself and with others

✓ Releasing obstacles that stand in the way of sexual thriving, such as sexual shame, guilt, self-judgment, pain during sex, libido issues, lack of pleasure/orgasm

✓ Processing and releasing bad past experiences, childhood wounds or trauma affecting you today in (self)love, relationships and/or sexuality

✓ Improving your pelvic health and reconnecting with your intimate power center

Pelvic therapy

Somatic trauma healing

Intimacy coaching

 YOUR own body-centered TRANSFORMATION


I know it is possible for you to feel fully alive, confident and powerful, regardless of what you’ve gone through.

I know it is possible for you to experience beautiful intimacy and a thriving sexuality and with yourself and in relationship.

And the transformation you are looking for is a thousand times more fun and more pleasurable than you can imagine!

It’s an exploration of your very own Bodymind Wonderland to uncover your body’s wisdom, with me as your personal guide and mentor.


“Elisabeth is a master space holder.

Her radiant presence and pitch perfect guidance combined with the container of trust and love she holds allowed me to connect so deep and intimately with myself and my innate wisdom.

I came home to myself in a big way.”   -Pernilla, 38.